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Hiring International Cruise Host!

Now is they time of year to work on your career and travel opportunities for 2018.  Tour operators will start their new hiring and staffing the beginning of the new year. This includes the tour industry, CMI Market (Conventions, Meetings and Incentives) and student tours. I highly recommend updating your cover letters and resumes.  Even if you only change a few words the update will show you’re still interested in being hired.  

Airbnb has started a new exciting international program called “Experiences”.  It offers you the opportunity to set up your own local tours and immersion programs.  This can be almost anything including hiking, tours, art, cultural experience, food and much more.  I have posted more information and the link to hosting below.

Tammy Weiler, the owner of Singles Travel International, has asked for help in hiring new cruise hosts.  I’ve posted her hiring challenges, information, job requirements, income and contact information below.   You can check out her website, tours and cruises at:

I also have information below on the 2018 International Association of Tour Directors and Guides event.  They just completed their 2017 event with over 400 tour directors, tour guides and tour operators.  The comments on Facebook prove it was a great success.

I wish you all very happy holidays full of family, friends, fun, travel and love! 

Merry Christmas!


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Airbnb Introduces Experiences

Airbnb has a new program called "Experiences" which started in major cities around the world and is quickly expanding. Just like their home hosting program, they rely on local “hosts” to share experiences with travelers and locals.  They have vast variety including, surfing, hiking, flying, sailing, yoga calligraphy, art, cooking, photography and much more.  Here’s link to “Experiences”:

If you're interested in developing your own experience, visit the Airbnb pages and click on “Become a Host” and follow the directions in setting up your own Experience. You’ll set up the tour, fees and dates.  Airbnb will market on their website and collect fees.  They charge a 20% fee.  It may be a good way to gain experience and earn income between tours.  

All the best!

Cruise Host for Upscale Single Travelers

Tammy started her business over twenty years ago and through her professionalism and hard work it continues to grow.  Her guests are extremely important and expect a high level of service.  She expects her Cruise Hosts to put her guests first, follow  her instructions and be on time.

She has had challenges in receiving resumes exaggerating job experience and listing personal experience as tour experience.  (You can list personal travel, but list it as personal travel.)  This really puts Tammy and all tour operators in a horrible position when they find out through their clients of the lack of experience and expertise. Most companies would rather know of the lack of experience and then train their new staff than risk losing clients.

If you took my training in person, online and or through the “ Tour Director Training Guide”, I recommend reviewing Lesson 12 on Cruise Hosting and review handling challenges. List the cruise host training on your resume.

I've posted Tammy's request and contact information below.  I started my travel career working on the cruise lines.  I loved it!    

Job Description

Do you enjoy helping others to have fun and share in new and exciting adventures?  Our fast-growing company is looking for a travel concierge that will lead life-changing and unique tour/cruise experiences for our upscale single travelers on vacation. Successful candidates will deliver exceptional, detailed and entertaining on-site, travel services for groups of singles from our 25,000-member community.  Proven customer service skills, exceptional attention to detail with technical execution and creative leadership skills, that exceed all customer expectations are required.

Personal Characteristics: 
* Caring
* Highly Social
* Organized, Disciplined and Detailed Oriented
* Assertive
* Punctual
* Energetic, Creative and Fun
* Perceptive
* Able to Follow Direction, Company Vision and Execute Program According to Company   
* Experienced Working On Site in a Team Environment

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Meet and greet warmly, all travelers (members) to break the ice and facilitate social interaction.  
   Develop Ice Breaker events for same purpose. 
* Plan, coordinate and execute daily activity plans, events, games and themes parties with   
  universal appeal across gender and age groups. 
* In advance, create STI Daily Program, on your laptop, fill in additional activities onboard in 
  conjunction with cruise line program, print and deliver to each guest at dinner each evening.
* Promote STI events at every chance, increasing attendance as well as keeping them informed 
* Re-arrange agenda and plan contingencies to handle unpredictable changes (weather, vendor 
   issues, equipment breakdown, customer illness).
* Coordinate with on-location staff (cruise ship, ground excursions with Shore Trips or other)
* Timely submittal of incident reports, daily summaries, expense reports and trip BLOG. 
* Supervise advance set up of dinners, parties, tours and other planned events.
* Sell on-site excursions: confirm, change and account for all aspects, including financial  
* Facilitate resolution of all customer issues personally and immediately, or with the help of on- 
   site staff when necessary.
* Promote future travel experiences for the company.
* Become knowledgeable of trip destinations and provide area familiarization for customers. 
* Post daily pictures and comments to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media 
   during trips. 
* Wear company uniform/name tag at all times and promote the company brand in a professional  
   and positive manner. 

Job Requirements
Qualifications and Experience: 
* U.S. Citizen with a valid passport.
* Must pass background checks and drug test.
* Three to five years of experience working as a tour director.
* Minimum Associate’s Degree related to the travel industry; Bachelor’s preferred.
* Must own laptop computer; proficiency with Microsoft Office and social media (Facebook,     Twitter, Instagram) required.
* Knowledge of a foreign language highly desired (Spanish preferred).
* Florida residents highly encouraged to apply (multiple departures from south Florida) 

Pay and Benefits:  
* Earn 100% of all gratuities (potential of $3-350.00 USD  per day or more on average trip; ten or more trips possible per year).
* Incentive based compensation package for positive customer survey feedback.
* Paid airfare and shared accommodations during trips.
* Complimentary excursions (based on on-site excursion sales). 
* Discounted personal cruises, hotel, and resort accommodations. 
* Opportunities to travel on company familiarization trips.
* Opportunities for ground-floor, management roles in our fast growing organization.   

CONTACT: Send your resume and cover letter (MS Word document) to Candidates will be contacted during evening and/or weekend hours if selected for an interview.

International Association of Tour Directors and Guides

The new International Association of Tour Directors and Guides’ event in Texas included FAMs (Familiarization tours), conferences, socials, networking and meetings with individual tour operators.   The comments on Facebook from some of their over 400 attendees are extremely positive.

At the conference they announced, “…the 3rd Annual IATDG Tour & Talent Exchange Conference and Recruitment Fair will be held in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada from November 11-15, 2018.”  Information will be posted on their website: 

I also recommend following their Facebook posts on “IATDG Forum” and their second page “International Association of Tour Directors and Guides”.  Both pages include valuable feedback, networking and job postings from members.  (You may need to list my training for access to the IATDG Forum page.)

As I have mentioned in past newsletters, there is not a fee for membership.   When you set up your profile on their webpage it gives you access to networking, events, tour operators and job postings

When:  January 4 - January 7, 2018  - 
Time:  9 AM to 5 PM
        Where:  Laguna Hills Marriott in beautiful South Orange                                     County, California
Details and enrollment:

Question?  Contact Cherie at: or call 949-830-8603 PST

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Travel Staff Training for CMI Market
Date:  January 4, 2018  
Time:  9 to 5.... longer into the evening if needed.
Location:  Laguna Hills Marriott in Beautiful Laguna Hills, CA 
Information and Enrollment:
​​​​​​​Duffy Boat Training
If you live in Orange County (CA), Los Angeles and or San Diego, you may be interested in leading Duffy Boat Tours of the Newport Harbor.  It’s my favorite local tour!  The next training will be, July 10, 2017. You’ll find information on:

What:  Duffy Boat Training 
When: December 7, 2017 
Time:  9:30 PM to 12:30 PM
Where:   2001 W. Coast Hwy            
Newport Beach, CA 92663 
Cost:  $145*

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