Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heidi's First Assignment

I asked Heidi if I could share her first job after completing  PTMT training in November.  It's sounds fabulous!

Hi Cherie

 It was so nice talking to you today!

I wanted to thank you again for all the valuable information and skills I learned in your classes.

Soon after I returned to DC I started working for a local DMC. It just so happens the company A..... was spending their yearly reward meeting in Washington.  I was hired as a tour guide which also led to working dine a-rounds and transportation.

The first night I worked arrivals at the airport.

There I was standing at the airport, with my clear clip board you gave us in class, holding my sign, and thinking..... {if Cherie could only see me now!}

We had 3500 people flying in from everywhere  and 72 buses ......all  to Visit our Nation’s  Capitol, and yeah I'm working! I must say The A..... company went all out. Everything was done first class. They had a wonderful venue.

One night they rented out two of the Smithsonian Museums. This was to hold their black tie dinners.
The next night was their Monuments by Moonlight Tours.  They hired 72 tour guides and 72 buses.
The last night was fantastic .The company rented George Washington’s [Beautiful] Mount Vernon Estate! The night was fabulous!

As they came of the buses they were greeted by period dressed musicians entering the welcome center. Everything was silver service. Serving hors D’Oeuvres , champagne and ice sculptures,  etc. There were horse drawn carriages for quests that wanted to view the estate.

There was a gigantic tent the size of a large football field with live bands, and dancing this again is all overlooking the beautiful Potomac River. Beautiful.

The most spectacular fireworks display at the end of the evening for a grand finally.  It was fantastic!
As a bonus. ... While we had just loaded the buses, there was a spectacular meteor shower with shooting stars that filled the sky. It was just fabulous!

While this was all great!.... I forgot to mention...the most challenging part of the job..... this all went on while we were having one our  unusual freezing cold spells. Most evenings were an icy  29 degrees. Soo I dressed R\really warm and kept moving...but it was Cold Burr.....
I know all jobs won’t be like this..... but... I wanted to share this great experience forever etched in my memory.

I am so thank full for a wonderful first job!

There are so many possibilities and opportunities in the travel industry .

Thank you again for all your help, and teaching me valuable skills..in a field I love, to ensure my success!

All the Best