Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Professional Tour Management Newsletter - Hiring for 2013

11-08-2012 - Professional Tour Management Newsletter - Hiring for 2013: "Early Hiring Season
The hiring season for 2013 has already started!   As I cover in the "Tour Director Training Guide" and my Fast Track Training, the major tour operators normally start their hiring process right after the Christmas holidays.  This year it looks like a number of companies have started early. Last year was extremely busy and most are expecting another record breaking season in 2013.  The early hiring is a good sign but don't wait too long to apply and or update your resumes and applications.   It's all good news.
If you're interested in leading younger tours (18-35) and or sports tours here are a couple links to companies hiring now:

Contiki job posting:  http://www.contiki.com/pages/1535-tour-manager-usa

Backroads job posting:   http://www.backroads.com/leaders/


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