Saturday, May 11, 2013

Duffy Boat Training - Newport Harbor

Duffy Boats - For Cruising and Sightseeing in Newport Harbor
21'  Electric Boats
Seat up to 12 people 

What:  Duffy Boat Training
When:  Monday, June 3, 2013
Time:  10 AM to 1 PM
Where:   2001 W. Coast Hwy
             Newport Beach, CA 92663

The first Duffy Boat was built by Marshal Duffield in Newport Beach in 1970.  You'll see by the photographs it's come a long way!  Duffy's are now popular around the world in fresh water lakes, waterways and harbors.   Each boat holds from eight to twelve passengers including the driver.   We have over 5,000 Duffy's in our Newport Harbor. 

I personally love leading the Duffy Boat tours of Newport Harbor.   We are hired to drive the individual boats escorting the corporate groups around the harbor sharing the harbor history, stories, celebrity homes and life styles of the truly rich and famous.  (Bacal, Bogey, Wayne, Cage, Lauper, Jagger, Nicks, Keaton, Woods, Nixon, Kennedy and many more.)  It's great fun.  The tours are very popular with DMC (destination management companies) groups and tours visiting the California Rivera.   Our tours usually last from 45 minutes to two hours.  

Recently I've been asked by DMC's for recommendations for new drivers/guides due to this growing popularity.   We need new guides and the DMC's are bringing in guides from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.  (Most companies pay mileage and a five hour minimum.)

The training isn't only for those in Southern California.  Duffy Boats are around the world.  I'll cover working with DMC's, procedures, safety, harbor mapping, working with individual groups, variety of activities, scavenger hunts, celebrity's homes, stories and give you practical experience with narration and the opportunity to drive the boats.   I'll also include a list of DMC contacts.  

The training takes place on June 3, the day after the next Fast Track Classroom Training.  (May 29, 30, June 1, 2, 2013).  Space is very limited due to the size of the boats.  I will give first priority to those coming in for the Fast Track Training since their time may be limited. If you are attending the Fast Track and wish to also attend the Duffy Boat training, I need to know asap.   

Corporate Rental:

History of Duffy Boats:

Enrollment - Non-Refundable  $150