Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jobs for Tour Guides, Tour Directors and Adventure Guides

I have more requests for US Tour Director and Adventure Guides.   The request is listed below.  You are welcome to contact Suzanne directly.  Be sure to tell her if you have completed my training through the “Tour Director Training Guide” and or the other courses.  All the best!

Hi Cherie
How are you?
For this season we are still looking for the following:
1- French speaking tour directors that would love to guide hiking and camping trips through the West's National Parks
2- Italian speaking guides for our active bus tours.........
3 - Spanish speaking driver-guides for our Spanish hiking tours, hotel based
All of our tours are in the Western USA.  We conduct both small group tours, where the tour director is also the driver, as well as a few bus tours. 
If you have qualified guides, please have them send their resume to us at this email, as well as their availability schedule
Kind regards / herzliche Gruesse / attentamente / cordiali saluti / merci
Susanne Lorenz, President
- Official Receptive Operator -
Adventure Travel West, Inc.
PO Box 12181
Denver, Colorado 80212, USA
phone 303-697-6688
fax 303-697-5384
toll free 888-233-1297

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looking for the "Best Guides"for TV Documentary!


This morning I spoke to Blake the casting associate for Punch in the Head Productions out of NYC.  Funny  name?   The name represents their ability to educate people in an interesting and entertaining manner.   You may have seen some on their documentaries, programs and or commercials.   Here's a link to their website:
Punch in the Head Productions is developing a new TV show, "The Best of the Best Tour Guides in the US".  It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to introduce viewers to our professional and skilled US guides. Blake describes their casting needs below.  We discussed the wide variety of types of tours, programs and cruises guides may work.  Right now she is looking for US guides as well as a few international tour directors and or guides.
I highly recommend sending Blake your resume and maybe a cover letter why you are the 'best' ASAP.  Please list tours you actually lead and consider yourself a true expert.  This is not a time to exaggerate your resume.  It will only hurt the production and you want to shine if cast.  If you know someone that may be a good fit and interested please forward this information.  You are welcome to contact Blake directly. If you trained through my "Tour Director Training Guide" and or other classes and you're applying please let me know.
The project is moving forward quickly.  They hope to have it completed and presented to the network within the next month.   Blake plans on contacting about 40 individuals for a telephone interview.  Approximately 15 will then be interviewed by Skype
I'm excited about the project.  It sounds like great fun for the guides, production team and the viewers. 
I wish you all the best.  If you have any questions you let me know.
I'll be watching!

Blake's Request:
Hi Cherie,

It was great speaking with you on the phone! I'm so glad that you share our excitement for this project. I look forward to speaking with some of your past students and colleagues. I've included below a lot of the same information we spoke about on the phone. Feel free to share the below information with anyone who you feel would be a good fit for this TV show.

I am a casting associate here at Punched in the Head Productions. We are currently casting a show that will follow the best tour guides, the guides that put a new spin on things. Punched in the Head Productions is a doc reality TV production company based in New York. Our bread and butter is MTV True Life which if you haven't heard of it is a documentary series and each episode tackles a different topic.

The new series will follow tour guides across the country. We're very excited because we feel that people don't know very much about the inter-workings of the tour guide profession. There's so much to learn about this profession and all the greatest places in the U.S. We're looking for guides with big personalities that know how to lead a tour that makes everyone laugh. The first step of the process would be to speak on the phone and see if we feel you'd be a good fit for the show.

You can reach me by email or call me at                718.422.0704       EST  ext. 117.

I look forward to hearing from you all!


Cherie Anderson
Professional Tour Management Training 
( 949) - 830 8603-PST 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cruise Line Jobs

Travel Guide

Holland America Entertainment - United States

Key Job Responsibilities for Travel Guides:


Give dynamic PowerPoint presentations about the ports of call and related topics of interest

Provide knowledgeable and accurate information about the itinerary in a exciting and educational way

Drive revenue to Shore Excursions onboard by promoting tours whenever appropriate

Provide entertaining and informative narration from the bridge in specified scenic cruising areas

Cruise Director
Holland America Entertainment - United States
Key Job Responsibilities for Cruise Directors:
The Cruise Diretor drives guest satisfaction scores and on board revenue.
Host all major events as directed by the Manager-Cruise Programming, setting the tone with energy & enthusiasm.
Promote and support the HAL Entertainment brand identity.
Host hotel parties and functions.
Host ship tours on embarkation day.
Make PA announcements as directed.
Host a disembarkation briefing, adhering to approved script.