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Fast Track Training for Tour Directors, Guides, Travel Staff and Cruise Hosts

Do you love to travel?
Does the thought of enjoying exotic destinations while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences sound like a dream come true?
What if I told you ...
You can have everything you dreamed of and more? What if I told you - that you could do all the above and get paid for it!
It's True ...
You can travel, and experience things you never thought possible - and get paid for it!

And I'll PROVE to you this is possible - for you - and not some pipe dream!

Become part of the Tourism Industry…the world’s largest and fastest growing industry in the world!

Let me help you achieve your goals in a career you love!

Fast Track Training for Professional Tour Directors, Guides, Travel Staff and Cruise Hosts

 When:  May 26, 27, 28, 29, 2012  
Time:  9 AM to 5 PM

Where:  Laguna Hills in beautiful South Orange County, California 

Enrollment:  $545.00

A confirmation and details will be sent withing 24 hours of enrollment.  

Who Should Attend: 

New Tour Directors and Guides with an interest in working local, domestic and or internationally on a full and or part-time basis.

Experienced Tour Directors and Guides that want to take their career to the next level. 

Tour Directors and Guides wanting to improve their performance, professionalism, handling challenges and gain additional employment. 

Anyone looking for a career that is interesting, lucrative, never boring and fun!

Certificate of Completion:  Issued to students that complete all four days and the required project.
This is an intensive and fast paced training to get you ready for hiring now!  It's not a classroom lecture series.  It's a hands-on, pull up your sleeves and get busy workshop.  I want you confident and ready to lead tours, programs and cruises locally, domestically and internationally.

You'll also have a related project to do before the workshop including a ten to fifteen minute presentation.  Sound scary?  Don't worry we're here to help make it fun and build your confidence.  I want those serious about being the best.  The enrollment is closed at 27 in order to have time to work with the needs and goals of every attendee. 

We'll have guest speakers and employers who are experts in their field to share their experience, suggestions, support and hiring secrets.

At completion you will have knowledge and skills for international, domestic, and local tours, including research and development of exciting and interesting narration; procedures and safety for airports, hotels, motor coaches, and attractions; briefings; documentation; handling tour challenges and emergencies and more. 

Tourism is back and hiring.  I want you ready to get started now!!
You will learn how to get hired by:
•        Tour Operators
•        Incentive Houses
•        Destination Management Companies
•        Sightseeing Companies•        Receptive Services
•        Cruise Lines
•        Student Groups
•        Adventure Companies
•        And more.

Past students are managers, leads, HR, trainers, tour directors, guides, travel staff, cruise staff, lectures and or have their own tour operations.  Companies include:  Tauck, Globus, Cosmos, ATI, Collette, Princess Tours, Westours, Contiki, Suntrek, EF Student Tours, Destination America, PRA, Single Cruises International, Princess Cruises, Viking River Cruises, Access Destinations, Meeting Managers and many more.
Cherie Anderson
Professional Tour Management Training 
949 830 8603  
We're successful because you're successful.

Enrollment:  $545.00

A confirmation and details will be sent withing 24 hours of enrollment.  

What others have said about Professional Tour Management Training:

"Cherie Anderson is a vivacious, detail-oriented, multi-cultural, superior tour director who eagerly shares her passion for travel and her vast knowledge of our world. Not only is Cherie a tireless champion of the travel and tourism industry but also an approachable, sincere teacher always generous with her time and expertise.  Her "Tour Director Training Guide: Get Paid to Travel" should be on every travel agent's, tour operator's, and prospective tour director's/guide's book shelf. It was a real treat for us and our listeners to have Cherie on our radio show
"Travel Talk: Escapes."" February 28, 2009
Dear Cherie,
I want to express my deepest appreciation to you and to your excellent classes in tour management.  I can truly say that you have changed my life!!

Through your all-encompassing, resources, I received the names of tour companies and cruise lines and learned the best approach to apply for a variety of tour-related jobs. 

Once I was hired as a Tour Director with a superior tour company, I had all of the skills necessary to perform my new job, thanks to the thorough instruction I had received from you. You gave top-notch training, good advice for all situations and I received a wealth of information from your classes.

I can thank you for the 17 successful years I have had as a Tour Director, along with the 18 exciting years I have spent at sea in my cruise line job.  Neither job would have been possible without you.

Not only did you provide detailed instruction and resources, you also provided a personal touch.  Through the years you have been available to your students, helping as necessary and rejoicing in our successes.  You have put in a good word when it was needed and you have provided new information.  You have even provided extra work assignments, such as the privilege to work the Super Bowl, the Rose Bowl and help out with shore work for cruise lines in port and in airports.  This has been outside the scope of your classes and you have gone over and above!

As I continue in my two rewarding jobs, your expertise and your relationships in the travel community has now provided me with a new and exciting challenge in an additional job onboard cruise ships, combining the skills and passions I have.  I look forward to this new addition and challenge to my career.  The last 18 years have been the most amazing, exciting and adventurous of my life and I have you and your classes to thank for that. 

If there is anyone thinking about embarking on a travel career, I would say "Go for it".  With Cherie as your unique teacher, you will have a fantastic journey!

Heidi L.

Hi Cherie,
Thought I would drop you a quick line. It's been almost a full year since I completed your on-line course (end of September). I have completed a full season with EF Explore America and am in full throttle with Paragon Tours.
I have passed my yearend review with flying colors at EF and have been invited back for next season with a "not so bad" raise. This has all worked out well. I leave tomorrow AM for a Maine Booth bay Harbor tour which at this time of the year will be beautiful.
I do have to tell you that your course has opened the doors and the information learned is as good as anywhere else. I constantly get asked by other TD's what year I went to ... and really knock their socks off when I told them where I was trained. Most, after paying big bucks, the very expensive travel school ... are amazed and some are "really put off" because I got the same job as they did without paying thousands of dollars. I can stand my ground with the best of them. Of course, the knowledge is one thing, but once learned, it's the personality that makes the tour (and tips :-)).
Anyway, that's it for now and thanks again!!!!!!!
Tom Robert

Cherie Anderson's course, Professional Tour Management Training, has changed my life! The tools she provides will help get you noticed and in the door. I Landed my first job soon after I graduated. Such a small investment in her wonderful class has yielded such big results. I now work full-time as a professional tour director and port lecturer for a cruise line. I am seeing the world and am loving every minute of it.
Elizabeth Moran

Hello Cherie,
I hope this email finds you in good health and in good spirits. I wanted to let you know how helpful your course has been for me. I paid attention to your advice and was very persistent and followed through using your methods.
I am now working in San Diego for 4 DMC's as a guide/field staff and as a tour director for a motor coach tour operator guiding day trips in So. Cal and into Baja. I will do my first 7 day motor coach tour in May! I am still guiding my own wine tours in Baja for Carnival.
Anyway, thanks again for your wisdom and excellent instruction.
Su amigo, Steve Dryden
Update 2010:  "Steve Dryden: "Looking back over the last six years in the tourism business, your program put me light years ahead of my competition."

I sent out about 10 resumes in early December and applied to a couple of cruise lines' Alaska programs.  I received one call for an interview in mid-December and had a phone interview just before X-mas.  The 35-minute interview, which consisted of questions, scenario and discussion was pretty intense, but I made it through, although I was a little nervous. The interviewer started out by asking what I thought the responsibilities were and my corresponding qualifications.  I was prepared with my list because of Cherie's outline in Lesson 12. This lesson was invaluable, especially Chapter 4. This was followed by the typical interview questions, some follow-up about the specifics of the position and then scenarios.  The scenarios were almost identical to what Cherie had prepared for us.  Anyway, last week I received an invitation to the TD training later this month.  I can't wait!
A special thanks Cherie for making it possible for us to break into this new career and get our first assignments.

Take Care

Enrollment:  $545.00

A confirmation and details will be sent withing 24 hours of enrollment.  

The hotel has offered a special to those needing a room and reserved ten rooms during our training.  If you're interested contact the hotel immediately, rooms are limited.      (May rooms $79 per night during the training.) 
23175 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA       1-949-859-5500
Space is limited so make reservation immediately!

Can't make the training?  I've included everything you need to be successful and get hired in the "Tour Director Training Guide".

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Narration Suggestions for Tour Directors and Guides

Ruth Sherman is the best when it comes to presentations. Her video gives wonderful suggestions that can be used to help develop informative, interesting and fun narration. I'm sure experienced Tour Directors and Guides will relate to her message.