Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reasons I’m grateful for being in the tourism industry.

1. It’s the best industry in the world. It extremely positive, interesting and rewarding. I am grateful for the wonderful friends and associates I‘ve made over the years.
2. I have traveled the world and have complete faith in my country’s ability to over-come and succeed.
3. I went through 911 in tourism and watched how the federal, state, county and city governments’ pulled together to promote tourism. It was the first time we had their attention due to the number of jobs and income attributed to tourism. At that time we were had the fear of terrorist attack and a lower economy. By 2002 tourism had recovered and continued to increase.
4. People need time to spend with their loved ones, especially during times of stress. The major tour operators are very optimistic about the 2009 season. They are anticipating continued growth in the domestic and inbound market. Our lower dollar value is a bargain for visitors and US residents normally want to spend less and not have to worry about the lower dollar value overseas.
5. There’s a bill in Washington DC right now to assign a person to head US tourism for the first time. We’re the only country that doesn’t promote its tourism and even the Federal government is now realizing it’s importance.
6. The US has eliminated visa requirements for South Korea and a number of Eastern European countries which is expected to lead to additional inbound visitors.
7. Additional international flights, including the huge mega-jets, have been increasing US tourism, especially between the US and Australia.
8. As I write this the stock market is up for the third day in a row.
9. When leading escorted tours and working in the incentive market we are working in the upscale market. We work with people and companies that have funds. Even right after 911 the upscale market continued to travel.
10. My favorite reason of all? My students are getting hired!
I would love to hear your reasons too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am hearing from so many tour directors, both new and experienced. I want to encourage you to use this area for networking. I know you'll be able to help each other out with challenges, hiring, resources and encouragement. Some of you are working for or will be working for the same companies. (I won't share your personal information without your permission.)

Do you have a special skill? Language skills? Sports? Interest? Location? Destination? City tours? Tour Directors are the best source for finding new or additional employment.

If you ever post anything you want changed or deleted, let me know. I can go into the blog file and help you out.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Please let me know the type of information you would like to see covered in our newsletters and blog.

I'm here to help.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Travel Websites

I want to invite you to share your favorite travel websites. Do you have a travel service you would like to share with fellow travelers?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting Hired

I want to remind everyone the new hiring season for our major tour operators will be starting up soon. Most start going through the resumes in the winter and start their interviews and hiring right after the holidays.

I talked to Joseph at Collette. He anticipates a busy domestic market for the next few years due to our slower economy.

I recommend updating your resumes, getting experience, networking with your fellow tour directors and guides. If you're new to tour management and guiding I recommend taking the September class which will have you ready in time for the hiring season.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Had any adventures lately? Tour challenges?  Funny stories?  

Experince the World and Get Paid!

Hi Travelers, Tour Directors, Tour Guides and Cruise Hosts,

I'm here to network, keep in touch, answer your questions and have fun.

I've been real busy with my online class, face to face classes, updating my textbook to the new 2008 edition and enjoying the summer months. I'm now excited about working on turning the textbook into an e-book. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I'm also working on a training tour. This is where I'm asking for your help and input. In the past many of you have gone on my training tours to Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

How about a training tour while on an escorted tour? I've talked to one of our major tour operators about an exclusive group in which we would be on tour with one of their best Professional Tour Directors. It would also be an opportunity for a reunion with past students and a way to meet your past fellow classmates. Of course family and friends are welcome.

Right now I'm looking at a tour of the Southern states in December or early January. The tours are affordable and warmer than the East Coast. I'd like to offer the training before the major tour operators start their new hiring in the New Year.

Sound interesting? Any suggestions? I'm short on time so let me know if you think you may be interested.

Where are you now? Who are you working for?

Need suggestions?

I look forward to keeping in touch.