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Increase In Tourist Spending Indicates Positive Outlook For Those Seeking A Career In Tourism

Increase In Tourist Spending Indicates Positive Outlook For Those Seeking A Career In Tourism
Date: 2010-12-02
Industry: -Hotel-Restaurant-Travel- Category: Education

Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Commerce during the summer of 2010 revealed that tourist spending has increased over the previous year. The good news came not long after U.S. Congress and President Obama passed the Travel Promotional Bill in March, which is designed to promote U.S. tourism around the world.

Cherie Anderson of Professional Tour Management Training 
( believes the bounce-back will mean more job 
opportunities in the months to come for those seeking a career in 

According to these statistics, there were 33.8 million international 
visitors to the United States during the first seven months of 2010, 
which was a 12 percent increase over the same period in 2009. And as 
for tourist spending, international visitors spent about $76.7 billion 
during the first seven months of 2010, which was a 10 percent increase 
over the month of July 2009. These studies indicate that the tourism 
industry may be slowly but surely recovering from the recession...a 
good sign for other economic sectors as well.

Through her Web site and e-book course titled "Tour Director Training 
Guide," Anderson provides professional training for students of all 
ages that are seeking a career in tourism, whether domestic or 
international guides and directors. She also helps students that are 
interested in other fields, but within the tourism industry, such as 
accounting, administration, marketing, customer service, event 
coordination, product management, etc.

Anderson states, "Many students have only one focus when they first 
start thinking about a career in tourism - becoming a travel agent. I 
help them to explore all possible options based on their skills and 
career goals. Other careers in tourism can be lucrative, challenging 
and fun."

Anderson also emphasizes that the tourism career sector isn't just for 
the young. She says, "It's great for young people and the retired. 
Many go into tour directing and guiding after their kids are grown. 
Maturity is seen as an asset in this industry, especially for those 
who will travel frequently."

Major tour operators including Globus, Tauck and Trafalgar have all 
reported an increase in international travel for 2010. Some operators 
within the European market are reporting 30 to 90 percent increases 
over 2009! In the U.S., tourism job availability is also picking up.

With so many new doors opening for job seekers, Anderson's tour career 
training e-book gives hopefuls a way to find out what jobs are 
available that match their skills, which employers pay the best, how 
to get their foot in the door, how to handle tour challenges or 
emergencies and more. Students will learn how to get hired by cruise 
lines, incentive houses, tour operators, sightseeing companies, 
student groups, adventure companies and destination management 


My experience is a goldmine for beginners in this field. If they 
love to go on exciting vacations, staying in the finest hotels, and 
experiencing life to its fullest, while getting paid, then this book 
is a great starting point," says Anderson.

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Cherie Anderson is the owner of Professional Tour Management Training. 
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1993. Her training is offered online through more than 2100 colleges 
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