Monday, January 24, 2011

Request from Student Tour Operator

Student Tours are a well established and growing part of our industry. Tours vary greatly. For example, you may lead a day tour for a high school band to Disneyland, escort a group to Washington DC and or escort a European tour. The procedures are basically the same as for adult tours following the training in the “Tour Director Training Guide” and online course. It is important to have the ability to work with younger tour members, their parents and teachers.

Liz Moran has suggestions in finding Student Tour groups in my August 2010 blog.

Request for Tour Director
I recently received a request from a Student Tour group with immediate openings for qualified Tour Directors. Below is a copy of their request, information and qualifications. I also recommend visiting their website, it sounds like a unique and interesting position. If you are interested in the position apply directly to College Campus Trips.

Hello Cherie,

We are looking for Tour Director in several regions nationwide. Is there a possibility that we can work with you to post our open positions.

Please let me know



Gillian Harper

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Direct: 954-933-2786

Ph: 954-567-5751 | Fax: 954-302-4995

P.O. Box 11783, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339


Florida Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST37245

Tour Directors nationwide

College Campus Trips

Contact: Gillian Harper


Job Details

College Campus Trips is a leading provider of pre-designed and customized, fully-escorted trips to colleges and universities across the United States. Our tours minimize the stress and guesswork normally associated with the college selection process by providing students with first-hand introductions to the colleges that are of interest to them, their parents, guidance counselors and advisors. We are seeking candidate for the positions of Tour Directors in various regions in the United States. These key positions will be responsible for leading and managing the activities of groups of high school students and chaperones while on tour for three or four days, visiting college campuses.


Review ‘Guide Book’ prior to departure and become familiar with contacts, departure times and ensures that complete lists of participants and contact details are included

Become familiar with the tour components (hotels, Bus Company, security company etc.) and that all tour items have been fully prepaid.

To take the leadership role at all times during the tour.

Be responsible for verifying attendance throughout the tour.

Perform a meet and greet with an official introduction and provide a brief overview of the trip with some basic rules.

Brief the bus driver daily

Take charge in the case of an emergency

Meet the Security Guard each evening and provide instructions

Call ahead if the tour is off schedule

Conduct a pre-tour briefing for students and their parents at a high school meeting if requested

Follows corporate expense policies and guidelines

Represents themselves and College Campus Trips with the highest level of integrity and professionalism

Job Requirements:

Individuals must be self-motivated and possess excellent communication skills

Responsible individuals with effective time management skills

Available for tour leadership from the time of departure until the tour has ended.

Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.

Job Available: Immediately


A Tour Directors fee per day

Accommodation and expenses while on tour

Please note that College Campus Trips does not accept compensation from any educational establishment for a placement of a student.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Costa Rica Specialists

Hi Cherie,

My name is Ben Lapidus and I am the Founder of a study abroad opportunity for University students from around the world. Our program, GREEN, is extremely new, only 18 months old, and focuses on renewable energy and sustainability education in Costa Rica. With superior success having brought almost 50 students in its infancy stages, the founders of the program, who had previously no tour guiding experiences, have been able to offload a lot of the travel operations to inspired students who have offered to work with us and run the programs as counselors.

We are currently in the midst of a test run of that now, and while these student guides are doing a great job, they lack training, insight, and grand scheme perspective. It has become apparent that we are in need of a trained professional interested in the country, our mission, and demographic of attendees.

Your name is all over the web as a professional trainer of tour guides and so I am reaching out to you in hopes that you have a database or listserv that you could detail our opportunity to you previous students.

I would be open to telling you more specifics about our organization upon your reply. You can check out more about us at

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards,
Benjamin Lapidus
Global Renewable Energy Education Network
Director, GREEN Campus Tour
888.558.0579 |

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alaska Careers 2011

Interested in working as a guide in Alaska this summer? Jill Hyatt, a past student. is hiring for Holland America-Princess Alaska/Yukon. Here's a copy of Jill's emails.

Hi Cherie,

I took your class about 8 years ago when it was offered at Santa Ana College on a Saturday. I was in a career that was well paying, but wanted into the travel industry. Your advice at the time was to seek out company's that would hire people with no experience. One of the companies that you recommended was Princess Tours. I went to work for Princess Tours as a driver/guide and loved it. I have now moved into more of a management position with Holland America-Princess Alaska/Yukon (the two companies combined their tour divisions several years ago). I will be recruiting for new driver/guides in the LA/OC area the week of the 17th of January. If you ever have questions about what type of jobs in the Alaska tour industry we offer, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!!

Jill Hyatt
Assistant Manager, Transportation
HAP - Alaska/Yukon
Fairbanks Division
(907) 459-7963 Direct
(907) 479-9660 Reception

Hi Jill,

That's great. I'm so glad to hear about your career and that you love it. We are in the best industry in the world.

Thank you for letting me know about the your hiring. I'll post it in my Facebook pages, blog and in my classes. Are you also hiring outside of LA and OC? My online course is being offered throughout the US. Right now the enrollment is low due to the economy but I'll see what I can do.

I'd like to post your email as it is with your contact information. What's easiest for you? Do you want them to call? Email? Show up? Just let me know.

Thanks again Jill. I wish you all the best in 2011.


Cherie Anderson
Professional Tour Management Training ; ; ; ;

Hi Cherie,
We do recruitment all over the U.S., and we have training programs in Provo, UT, Bellingham, WA, Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, along with Alaska. Many of our divisions have employee housing, although we do not in Fairbanks, which does seem to be a big issue for many folks. By all means people can contact me and go to our website to apply at Once I know the exact locations of our recruitment events, I will forward it to you.

When guests and fellow employees ask me how I got into this business I always credit your class as getting me started.

Jill Hyatt
Assistant Manager, Transportation
HAP - Alaska/Yukon
Fairbanks Division
(907) 459-7963 Direct
(907) 479-9660 Reception

Friday, January 7, 2011

International Visitation Up 11 Percent for First 10 Months of 2010

The good news on US tourism continues.

January 6, 2010

The U.S. Department of Commerce today announced that for the first 10 months of 2010, 50.4 million international visitors traveled to the United States, an 11 percent increase over the same period in 2009. In October 2010, 5.1 million international visitors traveled to the United States, an increase of nine percent over October 2009. October 2010 registered the 13th straight month of increases in U.S. arrivals.

International visitors spent $111.5 billion during the first 10 months of 2010, 11 percent more than the same period in 2009. In October 2010, international visitors spent $11.9 billion, 18 percent more than in October 2009. October 2010 marks the 10th consecutive month of growth in U.S. travel and tourism-related exports. Total travel and tourism-related exports have increased, on average, $1.4 billion a month in 2010.


Overseas Resident Visitation

October YTD 2010, overseas resident visits (22.2 million) were up 12 percent compared to the same period 2009.

In October 2010, overseas resident visitation (2.5 million) was up 12 percent over October 2009.

Compared to the first 10 months of 2008, October YTD 2010 overseas resident visits increased three percent. Compared to the first 10 months of 2000, overseas resident visits were up one percent.

October 2010 overseas resident visits were up 13 percent compared to October 2008.

Top 10 Countries

In the first ten months of 2010, nine of the top 10 countries posted increases in visitation to the United States. October YTD 2010, the United Kingdom posted the only decline, registering a one percent decrease when compared to the same period in 2009.

In October 2010, all top 10 countries posted increases in resident visitation for the month.

Link to full article: