Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tagwhat's New Mobile Application Combines Storytelling Traditions and New Technology for "Great Stories at Places"

Here's a wonderful app for Tour Directors and Guides. We're always looking for ways to make our narration interesting with stories. If you've already tried it, let me know your experience. It's a fun app for leisure travelers and kids too.

Finally our oldest traditions and latest technologies come together to create a location-based mobile service real people can use and enjoy. Just as people chronicled life on cave walls, Tagwhat, a new application for iPhone and Android tells "Great Stories at Places" in vivid multimedia. Pilot partners include the Associated Press and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) July 11, 2011

Ever since the first person chronicled life on his cave wall, great stories have been told vividly and shared widely. After cave walls came scrolls, newspapers, and the internet. Meanwhile, the innate curiosity about the world and passion for storytelling lives on.
Today, Tagwhat introduces an entirely new application and a unique way to tell and share great stories, combining the very best of humanity's oldest traditions with the latest mobile technologies. Tagwhat ”Great Stories at Places” is now available for iPhone 3GS/4, Android, and on-line at
With Tagwhat, users experience hidden stories everywhere they go -- thousands of original and curated stories told in words, images, video, and audio by Tagwhat’s team of new media journalists and filmmakers and its first publishing partners: the Associated Press (AP), the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Virginia Beach Public Library system, just to name a few.
Tagwhat's rich media stories describe and enhance the places around the user and are organized, like TV, by channels. Stories pop up on top of real-life locations, changing based on where the user is and where they're looking. Turn on any Tagwhat channels and watch the world fill with those stories. Tap on a story to dive into interesting videos, historic photos, and rich audio. When a story is too good not to share, send a unique digital postcard that can be personalized to friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. Here are some examples from each of Tagwhat's inaugural channels:
HERITAGE: Watch Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream speech” while standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Explore historic photos of the San Francisco Earthquake where the devastation happened while touring the city.
MOVIES: Watch a clip of the parade from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” while walking down the same Chicago street. Read about the Woody Allen movie settings stumbled upon touring New York.
SPORTS: From the LA Coliseum, look back at the 1984 Summer Olympics with videos of gold medalists Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis and learn about the controversy that surrounded the Games.
FOOD: Places and food go together, so hear what inspired the Austin chef to combine Fried Chicken and Waffles and see video of the famous dish as you consider lunch spots downtown.
NATURE: Birdwatching in NYC’s Central Park comes alive in videos and images while enjoying the scenery in person. Discover endangered salamanders at Austin’s Barton Springs through images and a video interview with a lifelong Austinite.
MUSIC: Hear Janis Joplin sing outside the Austin club where she got her start and see images of her preparing to perform.
ART: Watch the dedication of the Andy Warhol statute while standing next to the the art in Union Square, NYC and read about what made Warhol so legendary.
This new Tagwhat is simple to use and seeded with thousands of stories. Everyday, new stories are being added by the Tagwhat team and Tagwhat's content partners. Since the world is such a big place, a “Visit” feature lets users virtually travel to Tagwhat's featured cities: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; Chicago; Boulder, CO; Portland, OR; Austin, TX; and Virginia Beach, VA. Users can look around and interact with multimedia stories as if they were standing in that city!
Please contact Tagwhat to learn more or to schedule an interview with co-founder and CEO, Dave Elchoness. In the meantime, happy exploring!
About Tagwhat:
Tagwhat, Inc. based in Boulder, Colorado is a media company that tells "Great Stories at Places" in multimedia in the mobile device. Tagwhat's application including its patent pending technology is available for download for iPhone 3GS and 4 and Google Android devices.
Media Contact:
Dave Elchoness
Tagwhat, Inc.
(303) 834-7121